UK Tour – Day 5

Neston Day 5 UK Tour

Friday Yay! – Hello Neston and hello the Weekend


WOW where has this week disappeared to?

The wheels are still rolling and we are embracing the sea air near the coast.

Number of Miles driven – No Idea

Cups of Coffee Drunk – No Idea

Trainers ready for action – ALL OF US!

Day 5 – NESTON.

Today is also…


One of the cuddliest days of the calendar that celebrates the birthday of the author A.A. Milne. Around the world, today is marked with Teddy Bears Picnics no doubt featuring plenty of Honey!

However, as some of you already know, we at Team Academy we like to do things differently!

We have Kevin!

Kevin the carrot

He’s just as cuddly and cute and he even loves to play Pooh sticks!

So in homage to Winnie the Pooh, at some point today, we are going to stop, take a 5 minutes break and have a quick game to Reboot, Refocus and Refresh.

Have a great weekend!

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