UK Tour – Day 18

Team Academy UK Tour 2019 - The Team

Atherstone Day 18 UK Tour

Day 18 – The final day of January (Crack open the Gin tomorrow!)

Did you know that today is ….


Sounds straightforward enough?

Go to a gallery, theatre, cinema, or music venue, and soak up the art.

Remember the instruction, though: Inspire Your Heart

Have you noticed how edgy the arts have been getting lately? It’s not about truth and beauty any more. Artists want to shock you. That’s their new raison d’etre, and while it might thrill and enrage you, it’s not necessarily good for your heart.

So the key to getting the most out of this day is being selective about your art, and choosing something that will inspire your heart rather than expire it.

As you can tell, some of us love our music (Check out the videos here)

So if you do too, choose a song for our #CarpoolKaraoke?

Head over to Linked in and let us know your song choice.

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