UK Tour – Day 11

Team Academy UK Tour 2019 - The Team

Sheppey Day 11 UK Tour

OK fabulous as it was, we have now left sunny Ireland.

Our time was brief, but as always, it was a pleasure!

Yes it’s Day 11 and we are back in England.

Where you ask? Sheppey.

So today we are going to have a bit of fun, to break up our week

Today it’s….


“Well hooooooo-wee! Ah reckon we’ve found ourselves some bona fide golden nuggets right here in this ol’ mound o’ grit! Yessiree, Momma’s gonna be marty proud when she discov’rs we can afford fresh beans ‘n’ biscuits for the winnertarm, an’ there’s gonna be three more weeks uvvit if mah old aching knee is t’be rckoned with.”

Yes. Well, anyway. Today is Talk Like a Grizzled Old Prospector Day, which can be a lot of fun, unless of course you already are a grizzled old prospector, in which case just carry on as normal. For the rest of us it’s an opportunity to use terms like “consarn it” when we spill our coffee at work, and “Who-Hit-John” when referring to whiskey (although unless you work in a bar or an off license, you should probably leave the latter until you get home).

Now go on, get out there and call somebody a varmint!


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