UK Tour – Day 1

Team Academy UK Tour 2019
Bathgate_Day1 UK Tour

And we are off!! First call, Bathgate

So we are embarking on our MAMMOTH UK tour today and start in Bathgate. Over the next few weeks (8-12 actually!) we will be training and motivating up to 29,000 Staff members!!!

So starting today we are pulling up our socks, tightening our seatbelts and getting ready to crack on, on this fantastic ride. So why not join us here, every day, and see not just how we are getting on but join in, have a few laughs, make a few comments and see just how we do it!

Today is also…


Today heralds the beginning of some serious spring cleaning so do you really need all that junk, old paperwork and mess on your desk?


Take the opportunity to do some workspace tidying as it will also help you focus more on the task in hand.

So while the guys are out and about, guess what we’re doing in the office?

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