Team Building & Development

Which One For My Organisation: Team Building or Team Development?

Team Building

Your success depends on your people. But if the company’s vision is not understood, morale is low, or there is simply no trust, then getting everyone pulling in the same direction is a real challenge…

Whether you are a new, existing or changing team, a change in scenery for a day or a couple of days can do you the world of good and help celebrate your successes and prepare you for your next adventures together.

Imagine fun, action-packed and high energy activities to throw yourselves into to see what you and your colleagues can do.  Be amazed at what people can achieve under pressure and out of their comfort zone.

Our Team Building packages can be run from anything from a half day to overnight experiences and can be run in an outdoor centre or another suitable venue.  We have a range of activities to suit all abilities and will always ensure your organisations’ objectives are built into whatever we do.  Our experienced facilitators will be sure to inspire, challenge, motivate and thrill all your team, leaving them feeling rebooted, refocused and refreshed.

Team builds develop you to learn things you never knew about yourself, allow you to see your colleagues in a new light, understand what makes each other tick, build relationships to weather any storm, appreciate the best in each other and how to work with each others style.

Team Development

Our Team Development programmes are about the long-term and focus on creating sustainable behaviours to enable success in your organisation.

Run over your desired timeline, starting with a shared experience, each member will receive their own individual development plan as well as an agreed team development plan.

Explore the key ingredients of high performing teams and pinpoint the exact blend of behaviours and interactions which will take your team to where it wants to be, and keep it there!

These programmes are bespoke in both duration and content but will include a blend of group and individual activities to ensure that any issues (past, present or potential) are explored and resolved, sending teams back to work with workable solutions.

Our experienced team of trainers and coaches will challenge you to think and act in the best interests of the team and the organisation and give on-going support to embed best practice.


Great fun, a total change from the daily routine. Fantastic team building. Brought all of us much closer together, challenged our thinking and the way in which we work. Shared stories – laughed and cried worked through tasks with departments I hardly know. There was a real sense of ‘team’ at the end of the day.

KateNew Charter Housing