Looking to train your sales staff? But need a course that keeps it real – wrapping essential sales theory around the way you do business?

Sales Training Courses

Face-To-Face & Telephone Sales Training & Workshops

Sales training from Team Academy is totally different. We design programmes around your business, your products/services and your sales team. And because we only use experiential learning techniques – that are 100% fun and practical – delegates learn and retain far more knowledge than other types of training.

The course covers all the key theories behind the sales cycle, including: building rapport, communication skills, listening skills, creating the ‘pitch’, handling objections and closing the deal.

We offer two-day refresher courses that are perfect for driving up performance levels from experienced staff and a three-day course for people who are new to sales.

Clients tell us that our courses have:

  • Improved performance & sales conversion rates
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Sharpened sales pitches & closures
  • Helped new sales staff hit the ground running
  • Given staff the confidence to pitch into any organisation

For bespoken sales training that delivers real ROI talk to Team Academy today 0845 389 1701.

I’ve never been on a sales course that fills your tool kit in such a way. This course is fun, and you learn loads too. The trainer on the programme ‘gives you wings’ The energy in the delivery is truly outstanding!

Sarah Reach Ltd