Sales Training Courses

Serious about sales training that makes you money?

Looking to train your sales staff? But need a course that keeps it real – wrapping essential sales theory around the way you do business?

Sales training courses from Team Academy are totally different. We design programmes around your business, your products/services, and your sales team. And because we only use experiential learning techniques – that are 100% fun and practical – delegates learn and retain far more knowledge than other types of training.

Introduction to Selling

How exciting! You’re in a new sales role and can’t wait to be the company’s top seller. Whilst that might not happen overnight, our programmes will certainly put enough fuel in your tank to get you going.

Not only will we share with you some tips and techniques from people who’ve been there, our style is about learning by doing, so it’s highly interactive.  You’ll come away with practical know-how and confidence, feeling motivated and inspired plus enough skill to start impressing your boss!

Our sales training course covers all the key theories behind the sales cycle, including building rapport, communication skills, listening skills, creating the ‘pitch’, handling objections and closing the deal.

Next level Selling

Well done for getting this far in your sales career; now its time to develop those skills needed for the next chapter.

As customers become more informed earlier in the buying process, have easier access to more options than ever before, we need to be sure our sales approach is so honed; they can’t help but buy.

The course covers all the key theories behind the psychology of buying, how buying methods have and are changing, advanced models of questioning, how to engage audiences of all sizes including pitches & presentations, recognising where the customer is in the buying process and how listening serves you best with your customers.

I’ve never been on a sales course that fills your toolkit in such a way. This course is fun, and you learn loads too. The trainer on the programme ‘gives you wings’ The energy in the delivery is truly outstanding!

Sarah Reach Ltd