Leadership & Management

Leadership Development & Management Training

It’s tough in business. And when the pressure’s on, you need leaders & managers who can step up their game…

First Time Manager

Your first managerial role can be daunting and exciting in equal measures.  Your success is now going to be achieved and measured differently as you take responsibility for other people and their performance.  With help to see things through the lens of a manager, some extra tools in your kit bag and a few techniques up your sleeve, you’ll be making an impact within no time.

Not so much about theory as practice, you’ll be guided by our experiential facilitators through the fundamentals of management and the pitfalls to avoid using our participative and fun approach.

The course covers understanding your role as manager in your organisation, how to be an effective communicator, understanding different styles, and approaches and when to use them to drive performance, self-organisation, prioritisation, time-management, and thinking and acting like a manager.

We’ll send you back with new thinking, a positive mindset, and a drive to get on and succeed.

Refocus – The Next Chapter in Management

You’ve probably been pounding the management boards for a while now and have settled into your stride and much of it is second nature.  You might even be moving within the organisation which is bringing a new set of challenges.  So, you could just do with sharpening up your skills and a deeper insight into proven methods of sustaining success.

Courses could cover, strategies for managing a diverse team, skills on self-management for greater effectiveness, how to inspire and motivate your teams, communication to wider audiences internally and externally and handling difficult conversations.

These are not your typical leadership and management training, where everyone has a great time but then goes back to the office and carries on doing the same old things they always did. Yes, they’ll have a fantastic experience, but they’ll never be the same again.

Leadership Development

We know you have some fantastic talent in your organisation, and the challenge is how to nurture, support and retain those individuals. We will support you and your business to create the right culture in order to develop and retain your leaders of the future.
We love spending time, getting under the skin of your organisation, listening and asking questions to ensure we get to know your people and the challenges they face.
We will learn about your culture, your values, your business needs before designing bespoke solutions that will stretch the comfort zones and challenge your individuals to develop the leadership skills needed to maximise personal and business performance.

Examples of bespoke solutions include;
• Manager as Coach
• 1:1 Executive Coaching
• Team and Group Coaching
• Culture Change
• Breaking ‘Silo’ working
• Developing your Vision & Mission Statement
• Bringing your organisational Values to life
• Change Management
• Generational Connection



Massive thank you for the last 2 days of enlightenment. I don’t want to call it just training though as it’s not in the normal sense of the word it’s so much more. I honestly feel like I leave a much better manager, a much more knowledgeable person with heaps of value gained from spending time with you. I cannot thank you enough. I’m sure we will all be chomping at the bit to get on the next session.

AndrewAvanti Gas