Customer Service Training

Making customer service great

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to see your customer compliments rising and complaints falling? Imagine overhearing your customer’s raving about the service you have provided them and more importantly, raving to everybody else about it?

We know that Companies that are committed to customer service excellence and the continual training and development of their customer service teams recognise it is key to the success of their business.

Customer service training from Team Academy will make your customer service teams understand and deliver the most incredible service that your customers will be raving and recommending you to everyone! We design programmes around your business, your products and services and your customer service team.

And because we only use experiential learning techniques – that are 100% fun and practical – delegates learn and retain far more knowledge than other types of training.

The course covers all the key theories behind what makes customer service great in your business. This includes fantastic communication skills, building rapport, genuine listening skills and handling the situation when the going gets tough. This all builds to enable delegates to be brilliant communicators who feel confident to deliver exceptional customer service at all times.

Clients tell us they experience:-

  • A renewed passion for customer service
  • Enjoying “playing” with their customers
  • Understanding the impact of their behaviour
  • The power of listening
  • Ease in dealing with difficult conversations
  • No customer service situation too difficult to handle
  • Customer compliments rising and complaints falling


From the first time I met Jo I knew she had the energy, drive, and determination to help us change from processing customers’ to servicing them. Jo and her team worked with us to develop a bespoke training course for our Inbound Agents. They took the time to get to know our values, our products, and our vision to provide a top quality, professional customer service.


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