Team Academy UK Tour

Team Academy UK Tour 2019

This upcoming January and February we will be mass training up to 29,000 Staff members of a large UK Retail client. To find out more keep an eye on our website as well as our Social Media.

Starting on Monday 14th January we are embarking on this MAMMOTH tour.

By the end of February, we will have had a few laughs, no doubt had a few tears, but most importantly, touched up to 29,000 members of staff

(Not in a creepy way!).

Follow us everyday as we will also be posting tips and tricks to enable YOU to be more focused and ready for the challenges 2019 may bring!

We may also play a few games and will be needing your input to so keep following,  don’t be afraid to join in and see you all along the way!


Happy New Year!!

#BOOM #LifesTooShortForBoringTraining