Biffa was founded 100 years ago, initially as a family haulage business. Today it’s become the UK’s leading waste management company and is responsible for collecting, treating and recycling waste nationwide. When the company decided to bring two regional sales teams together and create a single team, they recognised the importance of ensuring strong relationships and trust were in place from the start – with everyone collaborating and working together.

How Team Academy Helped

We designed an outdoor, experiential programme for the new team of 15 employees. Over two-days they took part in a series of challenging activities that required them to work together and trust each other in a really short space of time.

  • Day 1: We ran a group challenge so everyone had a part to play in the overall success of the team, and by the end of day one there was already a huge feeling of collaboration. Throughout the day we were able to observe how they interacted with each other and provide constructive feedback too.
  • Day 2: Through a series of challenges we focused on self-disclosure. It’s key that new teams get to know a little about one another quickly. The tasks were devised to help them share their ideas, what motivates them, and to reveal their hidden talents and skills.

As a result of the two days, Biffa’s sales team got the opportunity to work collaboratively and to get to know one another. In addition, motivation increased and morale has seen a definite improvement. The team’s spirit has changed too – it’s an ‘I can do that’ attitude now!

Management also reported that following the team building it won larger contracts, as staff worked on projects together and were better at sharing information with each other. At Team Academy we’re really pleased to have developed such a great relationship with Biffa and have gone on to work with most of its regional offices.

What The Client Says

“I now know the true meaning of ‘awesome’. We had a fantastic two days, can’t wait to work with you again. A great big thank you from Biffa, myself and all the team. You are an absolute inspiration and I don’t think any of my team will ever forget it. Brilliant!”