The Challenge

Avanti Gas provides LPG energy solutions to a diverse range of business sectors around the UK.  They employ over 200 people and at the time were experiencing high levels of growth.  They had no development in place for leaders but were increasingly promoting people into management roles to respond to their growth.

We were tasked with creating a seamless leadership development programme, across the whole organisation.  The programmes needed to run annually to provide Avanti with an on-going development offer for all managers.


Our Solutions

24 Hour Challenge

This was a one-off kickstart programme for Avanti prior to the development of the 3 levels outlined below.  A group of future Leaders were selected to attend a high pressure 24 hour business challenge event – see http://www.teamacademy.co.uk/our-training/24-hour-challenge.  Delegates were observed by a coach over the 24 hours and received detailed feedback and coaching following the experience.


This helped us to create the 3 levels of development for Avanti :-

What Kind of a Leader Are You ?

This programme was for emerging first line leaders.  It began with a 3 day workshop combining outdoor learning & classroom based discussions to explore what leadership is all about and the instinctive styles that each delegate was using.  Following the off-job activity delegates applied their learning prior to returning for a follow-up workshop.  Delegates were supported by mentoring in the workplace.

Exploring Leadership Programme

The second level programme was designed for those who were already in a line management role.  Delegates were supported through an on-line learning portal which provided a variety of embedding and enriching activities for completion between the 3 2-day workshops.  The programme was spread over 6 months and delegates completed a work based project which was presented to the business a maximum of 12 months after the programme start.

Avanti Gas Academy

In conjunction with their partner company UGI, we developed a 3-day programme attended by 30 high potential employees from across the European group of companies. The programme was designed to increase cross country working and a broader network within the UGI group of companies as well as developing the leadership thinking of UGI’s future leaders.


Client Feedback

 “We love the work we do with Team Academy; our people are so receptive to the delivery style as it’s so different. The programmes are challenging, motivational, and inspiring. The trainers really spend time getting to know our people and what makes them tick, then design a programme based around their findings. They have the ability to unlock the potential within our people”.