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The Challenge

Aldi’s rapid expansion over the past few years meant that its current workforce could not meet its future staffing requirements.

The company needed to recruit more than 4,000 new members of staff over a 12 month period and store staffing levels were set to increase from small teams of 4 to large teams of 30 to 50 people.

Longer serving managers would need to adapt to the new demands of the role and managers brought in from the outside for the first time would need to be inducted into the very unique Aldi Management System.


Our Solutions

Working in conjunction with the Aldi Academy, we developed a 1 day Communications programme as an initial response to their challenges.  As we worked with the store teams we were able to identify more clearly the interventions that would best serve their people.

As a result, we created five 1-day programmes in total which were delivered over a 2-year period to both operational and logistics teams throughout the UK and Ireland.

Leadership, Managing People & Communication

Covering core leadership styles and how to flex your instinctive style to create stronger results more of the time. Exploring motivation and the impact of our communication on our people.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Supported by on-line profiling we were able to explore real feedback about the manager’s people interactions and look at impactful ways of adapting their behaviours to achieve better results.

Developing People

Recognising the increased need to develop others this programme looked at 4 areas of development – training, feedback, performance reviews & coaching.

Leading with Awareness

Exploring Emotional Intelligence with Assistant Managers to strengthen the impact of their interactions with their people.

The Effective Manager

Looking at ways of getting more done in less time in particular through more effective communication and relationships.

All courses were designed to support the Aldi Management System and provide delegates with practical ‘takeaways’ to apply in back in their workplace.


The Impact

Aldi has experienced significant impact as a result of these programmes, firstly in terms of a positive reaction to the style of delivery which meant more of the content was applied back at work.  Importantly the impact has also showed in the staff engagement results with employees reporting more enriched dialogues with their managers, a greater sense of fulfilment and overall higher levels of motivation in the workplace.  All of this has impacted positively on labour turnover and sickness absence rates.

“That was the best training session I’ve ever been on in 15 years.  I can’t wait to go back to store and start making a difference”



Client Feedback

 “The best feedback we’ve had in 19 years of training our people”.

“Truly outstanding programmes that deliver real impact”.

“Team Academy listen & understand our company culture which is why we love working with them”.

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