Life’s too short for boring training.

Imagine the impact on your business if all your people came back from a development programme energised, thinking differently, inspired to take action, excited to share what they’ve learnt with others.

That’s a typical reaction from a day with Team Academy… imagine what we can do if we’re your training partner.

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Training Programmes

Whether it’s a team build to bring a new team together for the first time, a high impact leadership programme, a sales performance workshop or 1 to 1 coaching, we design and develop hard hitting, energy fuelled programmes to achieve the outcomes you need to deliver your business goals… all with the bottom line firmly in focus


Your success depends on your people. If the company’s vision is not understood, morale is low, or there is simply no trust, getting everyone pulling in the same direction is a real challenge.

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It’s tough in business. When the pressure’s on, you need leaders and managers who can step up their game. Leaders who have awesome self-awareness, who know their strengths and their challenges. Leaders who are passionate about enabling others to bring the best out of your people every day.

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Customer Experience

The customer is at the heart of every business. Getting your people passionate about the customer experience and the part they play is what ensures a strong, healthy and sustainable heartbeat. People are the lifeblood of your business, your people are at the heart of our business.

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Looking to train your sales staff but need a course that keeps it real by wrapping essential sales theories around the way you do business? Our face to face and telephone sales training will do just that.

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The greatest gift we can give anyone is to make them feel truly listened to. Coaching can be the most powerful, enabling investment an organisation can make in its people

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1 June 2020

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